Monday, August 19, 2013

Review: Some not-to-be-missed Canton area eateries

Submitted By: C. Pettigrew

It’s hard to deny that Baltimore has many wonderful pubs and restaurants – something my husband and I were excited to learn when we moved here. So many, in fact, that we’re still exploring them, attempting to find a new place each week. Despite the new, untried possibilities, we have a few ‘go-to’ places for when we're too tired or uncreative to explore. Some of our personal hidden (or perhaps not) favorites are:
  • Adam’s Eve: This charming, brilliant gastropub is situated just near the Canton/Brewer’s Hill border on the corner of S Highland and Foster. Their full bar has a great rotating craft beer selection, and every meal we’ve had there has been fantastic. Great atmosphere, creative menu, reasonable prices. A must try? Their duck fat fries. (Given 4.2/5 stars on google, out of 55 reviews.)
    • Update as of 8/20/13, Adam's Eve is using a smaller summer menu. [Duck fat fries are not an option, but duck fat tots are! Also quite good.]  
  • Annabel Lee Tavern: If you’re looking for an excellent tavern atmosphere, check out Annabel Lee. The unique character of this place is based on Edgar Allan Poe, and the bartenders are some of the friendliest around. Their large selection of daily specials can be accompanied by various original cocktails, and intimate dinners are possible (but not required – it is a tavern, after all). At the corner of Fleet and Clinton in Canton, this oftentimes packed venue has unique charm that will leave you coming back for more. (Given 4.4/5 stars on google, out of 188 reviews.) 
  • Bistro Rx: Situated on the northeast side of Patterson Park, this charming bistro has just been named the 2013 Best of Baltimore winner for “Best Deals”. The varied menu, good selection of wines, continually rotating beers on tap, and accessible parking (given the proximity to Patterson Park) leave little excuse not to try this place at least once. Limited outdoor seating is available in nice weather seasons, but outdoor seats fill up quickly; when inside, be sure to check out the walls, which are adorned with local art. (Given 4.1/5 stars on google, out of 32 reviews.) 

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